4N Motorsport Single turbo kit

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4N Motorsport

Dec 11, 2017
4N Motorsport new product release!!

We have developed and released the first bottom mount turbo kit to hit production. My idea was to design a high flowing twin scroll manifold and build it as close to equal length as possible. Our development car is using the gtw6765r turbo. From the first start up of this car the sound is unbelievable!!! videos online donā€™t do it justice. Spool up is incredible and I am hitting peak 664wtq at 3900rpms. This is with a 67mm 1.0 A.R turbo!!!! I have attached a dyno graph and turbo kit photos. We just launched our website this morning and I will be adding more information throughout the week and answering any emails/ phone calls regarding questions about this kit. We hit 752whp on 30psi and unfortunately our lpfp was crashing below 50Psi causing the port injection to lean out. We were running a e60 mixture. We will be going back to the dyno in 2 weeks with a custom lpfp built in house with pump e85 and plans to break the stock engine HP world record. The group buy kit price is $6100 priced with a water cooled ball bearing gtw6765r. The deposit is 2,000. We have 6 slots available out of 10. To secure your preorder go on our website www.4nmotorsport.com and select options for the downpipe. @WedgePerformance has been tuning our car via MHD and I highly recommend them. Feel free to ask any questions!! Gone are the days of the horrible s55 exhaust note šŸ˜Ž



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