ST S55 67mm

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4N Motorsport

Dec 11, 2017
4N Motorsports s55 kit released!!! Below is a Dyno graph with numbers. What you are getting here is a run in on E60. Unfortunately my low pressure fuel pump decided to start crashing to 55 psi causing port injection issues and my hpfp rail pressure to drop. We got the most we could out of it for the issues we were having. I will be coming back to the dyno in a few weeks with plans to break the stock engine HP record. As you can see below the car amazingly holds torque across the board and has a very nice curve. This run below was at 30 psi with timing limited and stft going positive quickly in the upper rpm range. Please note!! If you would like to secure a spot with our group buy please contact me ASAP. Deposit is $2000 and I only have 4 out of 10 spots left! Total Group buy price complete kit is $6100 that’s including a GTW6765r turbo. More kit pictures will be coming in later today. I will be pulling apart our development car in preparation to start production today!
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