Spec 3+ clutch or Mfactory twin disk clutch


Nov 9, 2016
I really cannot understand, that some guys are making differences between twin disc and single disc when it comes to noise?
The noise is coming from the SMFW, cause it does not "damp" the engine vibrations and therefore the tranny rattles.
I also have a little bit rattle, but with raising the idle to 950 it is almost gone.

But you are going to have gear rattle, no matter what clutch, cause you need to use an SMFW.
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Mar 13, 2017
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I came from an 335is clutch with a single mass to the MFactory twin disk race. There is no diffence in sound, I would say if anything the twin disk is quieter so far. My idle is at 1k because that's what it took to stop the chatter on the old setup I will likely lower it next time I flash.

This clutch is not dd friendly however. The peddle is very hard and the enguagement is practically on or off. I've been driving stick for ten years and I'm not ashamed to say I stall it out when I'm not paying attention. Still the clutch performs as it should and the drivabilty is what you would expect from unsprung matalic disks.
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Nov 9, 2016
The question for me is: Will Mfactory come up with a twin Disc Setup with organic clutch plates?
That would be a nice combination which are usual in supra Setups with like 600HP for DD..


Nov 6, 2016
The Mfactory performs as a race clutch should. Not DD friendly as it's very on and off but holds the power and gives that crisp engagement I look for. You will find your weak link fast... I Snapped the axles right after break in mid second gear with r888's I shredded my spec 3+ within months, but It was a daily at the time and I beat on it daily. LOL

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