***Group Buy*** MFactory SMFW and Twin Disk


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Dec 6, 2016
How about an updated timeline on shopping dates given the group buy has ended. :)
I ordered the twin disk 6 puck sprung hub setup for my '08 135i... Thank you


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Oct 25, 2016
Hey guys,

if you have an 06-Jan 09, then you need the 8-bolt flywheel

If you have a Feb 09+, then you need the 6-bolt flywheel (if it's a 2011+, you need to press out the included centre pin)

For those who ordered the Twin-Disc clutch:

We have the 6-puck solid and 3-puck sprung in stock. Our 6-puck sprung will be around end of April

For installation:
- Make sure to disassemble the clutch/flywheel before installation
- You MUST install the flywheel first. Torque specs for the flywheel bolts are same as oem, as you are re-using the oem bolts (or you can purchase separately. We have them in stock)
- After installing the flywheel, you can then install the clutch (using the provided alignment tool). You can re-use or purchase a new oem throwout bearing from ECS etc
- When installing the clutch cover, this must be flush against the included washers. These washers are there to allow you to adjust the engagement as the clutch discs wear down. Double-check to make sure each washer stack (there are 6 stacks) have the SAME amount of washers, otherwise, this will create more NVH and uneven disc wear
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