Clutch bleeding (Remote Bleeder)

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Joseph Soria

Nov 6, 2016
Here's a little DIY/Install I made awhile back for a Remote Bleeding line I make for the clutch system. So for those who have never bleed their clutch yet will find this helpful; just skip through it. And for those who know how hard it is to bleed the system manually, this remote line will save you the headache. If you track your car a lot this will make changing the fluid super easy.
If anyone is interested in buying a line; just shot me a message.


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Oct 18, 2016
Nice, so do you sell a part too? You could put a price, link to a check out and then just upload the PDF as a side attachment.

Joseph Soria

Nov 6, 2016
You're right people could buy the pressure bleeder and do it that way. I just give them another option. And for the $80 price, I think your employee Chris P. said it best on N54Tech, "it's the time and research that goes into making the kit."
Just like the line lock kit you sell for $500. I know I can duplicate it for $200. But I understand the time and the effort that was put into the kit.
And like I said if people want it; they can buy it, and If they don't see a purpose that's fine too.
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